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'Delaying Hagel confirmation political theater'
Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:3PM
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American anti-war activist Dave Blalock believes that the delay for confirmation of Chuck Hagel as the next U.S. secretary of defense is a political move.


“My personal opinion is this is all political theater because the U.S. is now… readjusting its world strategy, you know control and domination of the planet is what they’re trying to do,” Blalock told Press TV on Saturday.


With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down and the Arab Spring shifting the dynamic in the Middle East, the U.S. has to “juggle things around a little bit and Hagel fits into this,” he said.


On Thursday, Senate Republicans temporarily blocked the nomination to secretary of defense of former Sen. Chuck Hagel, with Democrats coming just one vote shy from blocking a filibuster.


Congress is in recess all of next week, so another vote for Hagel’s nomination will take place a week from Tuesday, buying Republicans more time to question him and his Washington allies.


While Senate Republicans have succeeded in delaying a confirmation vote on Hagel’s nomination, they signaled that they would eventually relent and allow an up-or-down vote after they return from their recess on Feb. 25.



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