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Reince Priebus re-elected as Republican National Committee chair
Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:24PM
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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was elected to a second, two-year term with near-unanimous support Friday at the RNC's winter meeting, in spite of the GOP's significant losses in the 2012 election.


Even though the party has found itself regrouping after last year's electoral disappointments, members of the committee have been satisfied with Priebus' ability to restore the RNC's financial stability. When Priebus took the helm of the committee two years ago, the organization had around $24 million in bills to pay; it now has close to $3 million in the bank.


"Two years ago, we found a broken organization at the RNC," Priebus said today. "But we accomplished the goals we set for ourselves. Our debt: we overcame it. Our committee: we rebuilt it. Our reputation: we saved it. And in the presidential race, no RNC has ever been a more supportive partner to a nominee than we were."


Just two of the RNC's 168 members opposed Priebus in his re-election. Mark Willis, who served on the Maine delegation during the 2012 elections, tried to challenge Priebus, but couldn't win the backing of three states needed to qualify for the ballot. CBS News


After every defeat, parties go through a debate over what went wrong and whether its problems are cosmetic, mechanical and circumstantial or whether they are more fundamental than that. JS Online


The 40-year-old RNC chairman ran unopposed in his bid for a second term, which begins less than three months after what most Republicans consider a disastrous election cycle. The GOP in November lost a competitive presidential election and gave up seats in the House and Senate. Huffington Post


Priebus plans a 180 degree turn, and stop-as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal put it-“being the stupid party.”


Priebus said, “We have to build better relationships in minority communities, urban centers, and college towns. We need a permanent, growing presence.” MSNBC


Preibus closed out with a warning for President Obama. “Two years from now, your party is going to be up against Republicans that offer something better: more from this economy. More opportunity for everybody.” MSNBC


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