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US drones kill 13 in Pakistan
Thu Jan 3, 2013 6:58AM
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Multiple U.S. drone strikes in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan have killed at least 13 people, according to Pakistani intelligence officials.


The officials say the missile strikes occurred early Thursday in the South and North Waziristan tribal areas.


Islamabad has repeatedly condemned drone attacks as violation of its sovereignty and called on Washington to stop them. Most of the victims of such attacks are civilians-- many of them women and children.




A December report by the Brave New Foundation condemned the use of drones, which have killed hundreds of children - and possibly many more that were not reported. In Pakistan, U.S. drones have reportedly killed 178 children. RT


A report by researchers at the Stanford and NYU schools of law found in September that American drone attacks is “terrorizing” the people of Pakistan and that it is having “counterproductive” effects.


The U.S. drone war in Pakistan not only kills and injures civilians, the report finds, but it traumatizes the population and has led people to keep their children home from school and to avoid any large grouping of people, however innocent. It also says the drone war has helped recruitment efforts of extremist groups like al-Qaeda.


The Obama administration has aggressively employed a fleet of robotic drone aircraft to kill people with suspected ties terrorist organizations. The Huffington Post


In Afghanistan alone, the U.S. has carried out more drone strikes this year than it has during its eight-year-long air war in Pakistan, launching 447 strikes and killing thousands while also reducing its air surveillance. RT


President Barack Obama has additionally taken the step of using drones against American-born citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.


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