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Obama gives Congress pay raise
Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:4PM
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As Americans brace for across-the-board tax hikes, President Obama is giving members of Congress -- and his No. 2 -- a pay raise.


Obama signed an executive order last week that will lift a ban on pay freezes for federal employees.


So who benefits? Vice President Biden, for starters. According to disclosure forms, Biden made $225,521 last year. After his raise which goes into effect March 27, 2013, he’ll be taking home $231,900.


Rank-and-file members of Congress, meanwhile, will see a $900 bump -- up from $174,000. Congressional leaders will receive a slightly higher raise, with the House speaker receiving a $1,100 salary increase to $224,600. The top two Senate leaders will see pay rise $1,000, to $194,400.


They aren’t the only ones who will see a bump in their paycheck. Obama also OK’d raises for circuit and district court judges.


Some have questioned why the president would give Congress a pat on the back at a time when neither Republicans nor Democrats have been able to come to a compromise on how to head off $600 billion in automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that will kick in Jan. 1, which could possibly drag the U.S. economy into another recession. Fox News




Only 18 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, according to Gallup’s monthly survey for December.


Only 1 in 10 Americans rate the honesty and ethical standards of its members as very high or high, according to results from Gallup survey conducted Nov. 26-29.


Gallup’s ratings are in line with other indications showing the low esteem in which U.S. politicians are held, including a generally negative image of the "federal government," and continuing low congressional job approval ratings.


Americans have generally been more negative than positive in their assessments of Congress over the past four decades. However, opinions have been especially negative in recent years.



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