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Obama seeks corporate money for inauguration
Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:10PM
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President Obama is officially considering corporate sponsors to back his second inaugural ceremony, citing worries that his base of donors are tapped out after floating upwards of $1 billion for his reelection - and pondering openly, officially, accepting cash from the most notorious 1% of the 1% in order to pay for the extravagant inaugural pageant that will follow the private swearing in ceremony for a president they have always controlled.


The team of backers will, no doubt, be heavily represented on Wall Street, and in particular in the close-knit circles who reaped mad cash on bailout giveaways, who have bought out the important positions in the cabinet, and who pretend to advice Obama on creating jobs while shipping them overseas, or downsizing them altogether amidst the economic storm.


The blatant conflict of interest would at least bring more transparency to the banker owned & operated president, who otherwise cloaks himself in class warfare rhetoric to appeal to the masses who voted for him, while in reality actually serving the very bankster interests he attacks in words, and words alone.


The move, reported by the Wall Street Journal, would thus make clear to anyone paying attention the virtual corporate ownership of the Office of the President that has continued through several heads of state.


In 2009, Obama publicly denounced corporate backing for his first inauguration, in attempt to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, despite the fact that Wall Street’s biggest welfare recipients heavily backed his bid for the Oval Office as well as the inauguration celebration itself.


According to the watchdog group Public Citizen, top executives from Wachovia, Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers bundled at least $700,000 in contributions for inauguration events following Obama’s first election.


Craig Holman, of Public Citizen, commented that Obama’s readiness to take on corporate money for this event would “essentially codify this idea that corporations should be financing politics.”


Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton both took corporate money for their inaugurations, with a documented $42 million floating Bush’s 2005 ceremonies and festivities, and some $100 million for Clinton’s second term inaugural in 1997, according to the Wall Street Journal.


As thoroughly documented in The Obama Deception, released at the start of Obama’s first term, the president is heavily influenced and bought out not only by top Wall Street banking interests but by globalist policy wonks hell bent on undermining the United States and its Constitution.




This would represent a reversal of his 2009 inauguration, when he banned donations from corporations. The ostensible reason he is reversing himself, according to Obama’s fundraisers and campaign advisers, is that donors are worn out from supporting his $1 billion reelection campaign. They also cite their perspective that inaugurations are more of a civic event than a partisan affair.


Obama fundraisers and campaign advisers cite various reasons for accepting corporate money this time around. Dropping the ban on corporate contributions would ease the task of raising the tens of millions of dollars needed to pay for celebratory events that have become a fixture of presidential inaugurations. WSJ


The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies is responsible for the official swearing-in. Taxpayers pick up the tab for security and the costs connected to the ceremony on the west front of the Capitol, while Obama supporters cover various inaugural balls, concerts and parties. WSJ


The president was able to raise more than $50 million from other sources for his 2009 inauguration, but things are different now. Donors are drained from constant requests for money for the election and the Democratic National Convention.


President Obama will be sworn in on Monday, Jan. 21, but inauguration preparations have already begun. The Hill



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