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US has about 70 nuclear bombs in Turkey: Report
Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:43PM
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B61 is 3.58 long and it weighs 320 kilograms.

The United States deployed around seventy B61 nuclear bombs in Turkey, according to a Turkish news agency citing well informed sources.


All of the bombs are deployed in the Turkish Incirlik air base in Adana, south of the country.


The greater part of these bombs is the property of the U.S. army, and Washington reserves the right to use them in case of need, Haberturk news agency disclosed.


Until 1995 from 10 to 20 B61 bombs were deployed in two other air bases in Turkey, but later all of them were transferred to the Incirlik Air Base, it said.


According to the report, Turkey was given the U.S. nuclear weapons in line with Washington's interests in the region which allowed the U.S. army to transfer them to another place in case of the outbreak of dangerous conflicts in the region.


However, the problem is the means of transport for the bombs, because the Turkish side, despite repeated requests by the U.S., still opposes deployment of aircraft in Incirlik which are capable of transferring nuclear bombs.


Analysts believe that Turkey is itself capable of transferring the B61 nuclear bombs by using F16 planes.


B61 nuclear bombs are considered as one of the main strategic weapons of the U.S.




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