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US teacher getting threatening calls over Romney shirt
Mon Oct 8, 2012 7:38AM
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Samantha Pawlucy, 16, of Port Richmond, with the shirt that caused the trouble.

Relatives of a Pennsylvania teacher accused of humiliating a student who wore a pink Romney/Ryan T-shirt to school said she has received threatening calls.


Lynette Gaymon, a geometry teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond, has been accused of humiliating a student who wore a pink shirt supporting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on "dress-down" day Sept. 28, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.


Gaymon, a black woman who lives with two of her aunts in Philadelphia, told sophomore Samantha Pawlucy that her shirt was analogous to wearing a KKK shirt.


Since that story made national news, Gaymon's family members said she has been receiving threatening phone calls.


"Watch your back, [expletive]. I'mma blow your [expletive] brains out," one of Lynette Gaymon's aunts, who asked to not be identified, said Saturday. UPI



The aunts said they reported the threatening call to Philadelphia police on Friday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


"She's a jokester. Lynn is like the family clown," one of the aunts said. "When it comes to entertainment, she's the one." UPI


Pawlucy's parents dropped off a complaint form over the incident at the school Friday.


The teacher continues to teach at the school, but is not teaching Pawlucy's geometry class, said District Spokesman Fernando Gallard. Philadelphia Inquirer



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