Tuesday Aug 14, 201212:06 AM GMT
'Taxes for the rich need to be raised'
Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:5AM
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Occupy Tampa has stood in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street since its inception, and will function as the host occupation for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL on August 27th - 30th, 2012.


Kayla Mallery is active with the Occupy Movement and in a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Monday said, "Specifically, Tampa itself ... the General Assembly has decided not to have anything to do with the RNC."


She added that they had released an official statement saying "they are officially not doing anything for the RNC."


Mallery continued that she believed in giving back more to the community and fixing the infrastructure in America which was crumbling adding that she believed that the minimum wage should be increased as well and "taxes for the rich need to be raised so that there is not a heavy tax burden on lower income families."





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