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OWS launch major outreach blitz in NC
Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:23PM
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With only three weeks remaining until the march for jobs and justice on Sunday September 2, organizers with the Coalition to March on Wall Street South will launch a major coordinated outreach blitz across Charlotte, North Carolina, beginning Monday at the campus of Central Piedmont Community College.


There, they will be joined by a group of school bus drivers from Boston from USW Local 8751, a student from California, and an organizer from Philadelphia who is a member of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (FDIM), all of whom have traveled to North Carolina to assist with the mobilization.


“We’re taking our message for jobs and justice, and money for people’s needs not for banks and wars into communities across the country. Last week in Philadelphia, we held a forum about the March on Wall Street South that was attended by dozens of people who will be coming to Charlotte in just a few weeks,” said Berta Joubert-Ceci, an organizer with the Philadelphia International Action Center.


“When we march here on September 2, we’ll be standing with hundreds of thousands of workers across the globe who are tired of all these attacks by the banks and standing up to say: Enough is enough!”




Occupy Tampa and the Tampa Bay Regional General Assembly has also called for a national action to shut down Bain Capital WG on August 30, according to


Bain Capital, co-founded by Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, took part in many “hostile takeovers”, a practice that involves buying a company in order to simply lay off the workers, close the company and sell it for spare parts.


The organizers of the event have urged American citizens to help coordinate direct actions in their local areas against corporations owned by Bain Capital.



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