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New Obama ad targets Romney for closing factory
Tue Aug 7, 2012 12:23PM
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Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting President Barack Obama, renewed its attacks on Mitt Romney's record at private equity firm Bain Capital with the release of a new television ad Tuesday.


The ad, titled "Understands," focuses on Joe Soptic, a former employee at GST Steel in Kansas City, Kan. The steel plant was closed by Bain Capital in 2001.


In the commercial, Soptic recalls how he lost his job and health benefits and was subsequently unable to afford health insurance for his wife, who later died of cancer.


Soptic attributes part of this to the financial burden his family faced after he was out of a job, perhaps causing his wife not to seek treatment sooner.


"I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone," Soptic says in the ad. "And furthermore I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned."


Polls have indicated that Priorities USA Action’s advertising is resonating with voters in critical battleground states. Huffington Post




Mitt Romney has released a new television ad accusing President Barack Obama of "gutting welfare reform."


The Republican presidential contender says Obama simply wants to pass out checks without the work requirement adopted in President Bill Clinton's welfare overhaul.


The Obama campaign says Romney is twisting the facts. Obama says he's giving states the flexibility they've asked for to make welfare more efficient. Romney is among several Republican governors who signed a letter back in 2005 asking for more "waiver authority."


The ad is part of Romney's push to paint Obama as a big-government liberal. AP



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