Sunday Aug 05, 201212:31 AM GMT
'US schools have high dropout rate'
Sun Aug 5, 2012 12:30AM
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Students studying at U.S. Schools have a high chance of dropping out, especially in the larger cities, says David Macaray, an author in Los Angeles, CA.


“At large cities we have a very high dropout rate in the United States. About 35 percent of American students do not finish high school. In the larger cities that’s closer to 40 percent. It’s really shocking,” Macaray said by phone on Saturday.


Members of racial and ethnic minority groups drop out at higher rates than White students, as do those from low-income families. High school dropouts in the U.S. are more likely to be unemployed, have low-paying jobs and be incarcerated.


In an article published in about the state of American schools, Macaray writes that “classroom discipline is lacking, students are tardy, students are absent, students refuse to do their homework, parents do little to support their kids’ academic progress, administrators are nothing but highly paid buck-passers, and the standardized state tests (which have ZERO bearing on a kids’ report cards or their opportunity to promote to the next grade) are arbitrary and flawed.”



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