Sunday Jul 22, 201203:30 PM GMT
Police describe Colorado shooting as 'calculated and deliberate'
Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:30PM
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Investigators remove computer equipment as evidence from the apartment of alleged gunman James Holmes, yesterday in Aurora, Colo.

James Holmes began receiving "a high volume of deliveries" of weapons and ammunition at his home and work beginning at least four months ago, indicating that the man behind Thursday night's massacre in Aurora, Colo., had been plotting his massacre even longer than police originally thought.


"What we're seeing here is evidence of some calculation and deliberation," says Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates.


Police are also beginning to reveal the elaborate traps Holmes arranged at his apartment -- two trip wires at the front door; 30 shells filled with gunpowder, wired to a central control box in the kitchen; two jars containing "incendiary liquids" to fuel a fire after the initial explosion; and, an unspecified number of bullets that were to ricochet around the room once the explosion went off.


Police said that if the traps had detonated as designed, the explosion "would have destroyed that apartment complex." Yesterday afternoon, bomb experts were able to cut the trip wires and disable the explosives. Newser



The suspect, James Holmes, is accused of going on a shooting rampage at the movie theater during Friday's midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," killing 12 people dead and injuring 58. He was packing as many as 6,000 rounds of ammunition with the ability to shoot up to 50 a minute, police said.


Fox News has learned a possible second person of interest in the case is also being investigated, though sources caution authorities are not yet sure if the individual is necessarily tied to the crime.


Earlier Saturday, authorities eliminated all the explosives in Holmes' booby-trapped apartment. No officials were injured in the process.


Aurora police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson says the booby trap trip wire at his apartment was "meant to kill," the first person who opened the door to the apartment.


The Aurora police chief says the trap was meant specifically to kill a police officer who might have opened the door. Fox News




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