Wednesday Jul 18, 201208:35 PM GMT
US increasingly infringing nation's right of privacy
Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:34PM
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An American rights activist criticizes the U.S. government for increasingly infringing the rights of privacy of the nation with the help of new technology, including advanced drones.


“Americans no longer feel that they have the right of privacy even if they aren’t doing any criminal activity,” said Lisa Savage, member of in a phone interview with U.S. desk on Wednesday.


“The use of drones to surveil Americans is part of a much larger trend of looking at our emails, and tapping our cell phone conversations that is ongoing since 9/11th and the use of drones is introducing technology that allows far more surveillance form the air of people that aren’t aware that they are being watched,” added Savage who is also local coordinator of CODEPINK in Maine.



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