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Poll: Obama 2nd worst US president after Bush
Thu Jul 5, 2012 5:58PM
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U.S. President Barack Obama


In a poll conducted by Newsweek/The Beast, likely voters said Barack Obama is the second worst president in American history, coming in behind Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. George W. Bush came in last place, the Weekly Standard reported Tuesday.


Likely voters were asked to list the two best and the two worst presidents in American history.


Abraham Lincoln came in first place, while Ronald Reagan placed second.


Franklin D. Roosevelt came in third, followed by John F. Kennedy and George Washington, who tied with Bill Clinton for fifth place.


Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower finished the list of the top ten.


The ten worst presidents included Andrew Johnson, who was impeached in 1868 when he breached the Tenure of Office Act by removing Secretary of War Edwin Stanton from the cabinet. Johnson became President after Lincoln was assassinated.


Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Lyndon B. Johnson, Gerald Ford and Herbert Hoover also fell in the list of the ten worst presidents.


George H.W. Bush, father of George W. Bush, came in at number 39, followed by Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon.


Barack Obama was listed as the 42nd worst President, beating only George W. Bush, who came in last place.


Jeffrey H. Anderson noted that "there are only 43 (rather than 44) presidents because Grover Cleveland (who tied for 25th) was both our 22nd and 24th president." The Examiner



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