Thursday Jul 05, 201204:54 PM GMT
US stock futures fall amid overseas news
Thu Jul 5, 2012 4:54PM
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U.S. stock futures fell Thursday after the president of the European Central Bank said downside risks to the euro-area growth outlook have materialized.


Mario Draghi said economic growth in the euro area remains weak, with heightened uncertainty weighing on confidence and sentiment.


Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 49 points to 12,818, S&P 500 futures fell 3 points to 1,365, while Nasdaq 100 futures dropped 3 points to 2,638.5. MarketWatch




The employment situation in the U.S. remains fragile, which is reflected in the pullback in reported hope for a job. Gallup


Hope of finding work among both the unemployed and part-timers wanting full-time work declined. Forty-five percent of underemployed workers in the U.S. are hopeful they will find a job or full-time work in the next four weeks, a deterioration from 47% a month ago. Gallup


A majority of economists in the latest Associated Press Economy Survey expect the national unemployment rate to stay above 6 percent - the upper bounds of what's considered healthy - for at least four more years. Huffington Post




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