Friday Jun 29, 201210:29 PM GMT
No more confidence in American values
Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:8AM
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An opinion survey commissioned by The Atlantic has found that an increasing number of Americans are losing confidence in American values.


Dr. Randy Short of the Baltimore Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference [SCLC] says there is no sense that there is any covenant between those people in the ruling classes and those that are ruled. The plutocratic elite control the government through the available elected officials but yet they, via lobbyists, set all the policies and rules and the American people, the economy and politics are run by the same handful of people.


In a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Thursday he said, "If you look at the Occupy Movement, what they are saying is they are the 99 percent against the 1 percent. It is the 1 percent or less that control everything and I believe that people are disgusted with these people."


He continued that the desires of those at the very top who have the money and the power goes against the majority of the people. "The majority of the people want peace. These 1 percent want war. The majority of the people want healthcare, these people want no healthcare. The majority of the people want something to be done about unemployment, and the 1 percent does not. Whatever the masses of people want, the cynical parasitic predatory elite do not want."


Dr. Short believes that both Obama and Romney serve capital and serve the interest of Wall Street. "They could care less about people. You talk just enough about people to get them to put some sense of legitimacy on a sham democracy that we have."


He also believes that people really can't influence the government and that is how unequal the society has gotten.


"There used to be a sense in America, if you worked hard you could have a good life. You could at least get a decent house, you'd have a car, maybe your children lived better. People don't perceive that right now because it's not happening. People of my generation are living worse than our parents," he added.


Dr. Short concluded that the American people, "some of them, are beginning to realize that this country is indeed more like a third world country than a first world country. It's hard not to notice it ... this isn't the America that people came up with following the Second World War. That America doesn't exist anymore."





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