Wednesday Jun 20, 201209:13 PM GMT
Occupy activists protest genetically modified foods
Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:11PM
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Dressed in contamination suits and waving around boxes of children’s cereal they say are pumped with Genetically Modified Organisms, protesters planted themselves outside of the International BIO Convention in Boston to fight against a week-long meeting of mega-companies and biotechnology firms.


According to the group of activists, some of whom traveled all the way from Washington, D.C., while the 1 percent discusses industry strategies that compromises biological heritage inside the convention, protesters planned on educating the public, hosting sidewalk sessions, about pesticides, organic foods and anti-biotech initiatives.


Occupy Monsato, a group fighting against the multinational agricultural company and producer of genetically engineered seeds, which banded with members of Occupy Boston and others during Monday’s protests, will be holding larger rallies against the company in the future.


The convention, which runs from June 18 through the 21, is slated to bring thousands of biotech firms and businesses to the Bay State and pump close to $26.8 million into the local economy, according to officials from Mayor Thomas Menino’s office.



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