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Occupy Lakeview elementary school closed by Oakland School District
Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:0PM
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Occupy Oakland gathered in front of Lakeview Elementary School last November

Oakland parents and teachers are sitting-in to protest against the Oakland Unified School Districts new decision to close down five schools that predominantly serve black and brown children, and transfer its students to other districts, according to Occupy Wall Street website.


At the end of this school year, the Oakland Unified School District plans to close five public elementary schools and hand childrens school buildings over to private charter schools and district administration offices. Hundreds of the displaced students have been placed by the district in elementary schools that are 10 miles away, and the school district has offered no guarantee that transportation will be provided for families.


On June 15th, after the last day of school, Oakland parents and teachers sat in at Lakeview Elementary demanding that the district keep all neighborhood schools open. The district has not listened to lawsuits, pleas from parents and teachers.


· WHERE: Lakeview Elementary School, 746 Grand Avenue, Oakland

  CA 94610

· WHAT: Sit-in Protest To Reverse Closures of Oakland Public Schools

· WHEN: Beginning Friday, June 15 at 1:00 p.m. PST

· WHO: Teachers, parents, students, allies, and all who believe in

  public education


They demand:

· Dont Close the 5 Schools! Keep All Neighborhood Schools Open!

  Childrens Needs Before Administrations!

· Stop Attacks on Teachers and School Workers! Teacher



· Refuse to Pay the Unjust State Debt!

· Fully Fund Quality Public Education for All Students!


The Peoples School for Public Education is asking for support at:

Friday 6/15 @ 1:00pm - Community Speakout & BBQ Friday 6/15 @ 4:00pm - Rally to Kick-Off Sit-In Saturday 6/16 @ 2:00pm - Peoples School Solidarity Rally Every Night starting Friday @ 9:00 - Solidarity Watch


On Monday, the 18th, The Peoples School for Public Education will be starting a free, week-long social justice summer program for kids.


Interestingly, school occupiers try to moderate their occupation atmosphere for children and inform the participants to be mindful of their presence and safety:

The following are the Principles of Action for Lakeview Elementary. This is a parent, teacher, and student led action. Please respect and abide by their principles:


Refer all interviews to parents, teachers, and people directly impacted by education struggle who are on a sit-in committee (they will be wearing a special shirt).


· Do not confront the police.

· No black bloc tactics.

· No drugs or Alcohol. This is intended to be a children and family


· No violence no destruction of property.

· People sitting in will be people directly affected by education struggle and

  who work on a sit-in committee (wearing special shirts).

· This is a peaceful action.”




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