Thursday Jun 14, 201204:08 PM GMT
Pakistan calls again for apology for US strike
Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:7PM
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Pakistan on Thursday called again for an apology for a U.S. cross-border strike that killed two dozen of its soldiers last year before it considers reopening supply routes to foreign troops in Afghanistan.


Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, speaking to reporters in the Afghan capital Kabul, also rejected reports that Pakistan was haggling with the United States over transportation fees for the supplies.


"Pakistan still wants an unconditional apology and the reassurance that the Salala type of incident does not happen again," she said, referring to the border area where the incident took place. Chicago Tribune




At least 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a U.S. airstrike in northwest of the country on November 26. The incident provoked a sharp rise in tensions between the two countries. Pakistan responded to the deadly U.S. attack with a series of diplomatic measures. Reuters


Pakistan shut down NATO supply routes into Afghanistan - used for sending in nearly half of the alliance's land shipments - in retaliation for the November airstrike. Reuters


U.S. drone strikes have killed as many as 2,800 civilians in northwestern Pakistan over the past seven years, according to Shahzad Akbar, Pakistani attorney and director of the Foundation for Fundamental Rights -- an organization that has investigated the U.S. drone operations in Pakistan.


The Pakistani government and parliament have repeatedly asked the U.S. to stop the drone strikes. Many Pakistanis view the U.S. drone campaign as an affront to their sovereignty, and the Pakistani parliament and government have called for an end to the drone strikes. CTV



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