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'Prosecuting leaks goes against freedom of the press, transparency of government'
Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:36PM
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David Swanson, author and co-founder of War is a criticizes the Obama administration’s hypocrisy with regard to its handling of recently-leaked information about some of the administration’s controversial policies.   


"It's a very interesting situation to have the possibility of investigations of leaks by presumably very high-ranking officials of news that the White House presumably wanted leaked as they of course quite hypocritically brag about individuals they've killed and assaults they've made on other nations while at the same time denying in court that the program they are bragging about exists or that they can publicly acknowledge it exists and so forth," Swanson said in a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Wednesday.


Swanson continued that this showed the exposure of hypocrisy adding, "I'm not sure it's a good policy for leaks to be prosecuted. It's a policy that this president has developed and is now being applied by his opponents in the Congress to his own administration. But it is a policy that goes against freedom of the press, transparency of government and government of, by and for the people."


Swanson believes that the United State's population should know what their government is doing in their name. He added that he felt there was an "additional hurdle for decent journalism in the United States which is already so corrupted by the monopoly and the money and the access to power that have rendered it so useless that now journalism is endangered from prosecution of essentially the exposure of information on what our government is doing."


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced last week that he had assigned two U.S. attorneys to lead criminal leak investigations into recent media reports about topics including how drone attacks are approved at the White House and how a computer virus attack was launched against Iran's nuclear program.


On the one hand, the Obama administration is accused of trying to criminalize investigative journalism, and on the other, it is accused by the Republicans of intentionally leaking the information for political gain.



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