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Occupy Chicago: 'We will be in the streets on May 20th, calling for an end to the NATO war agenda.'
Mon May 14, 2012 8:34PM
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Tighe Barry, a CODEPINK Activist, spoke to Press TV's U.S. Desk on Monday about an upcoming NATO summit and other protests that are to be held in Chicago.


Barry said that all across America, millions of people were struggling to keep their heads above water fighting the effects of the economic crisis caused by the one percent.


 "Bankers on Wall Street and their political parties are making out like bandits in their criminal activities while we don't have healthcare, we need jobs, we need schools open and on May 20th, NATO will meet in Chicago. They've been invited by President Obama, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel."


"We will be in the streets on May 20th, calling for an end to the NATO war agenda. We're calling for an agenda that calls for healthcare, schools, jobs, things like that in the United States and worldwide," Barry continued.


He went on to add that Occupy Chicago held a protest on May 14 in front of Barack Obama's political headquarters in Chicago and over a hundred people showed up, "eight people were arrested for doing nothing more than trying to enter the building which is a public space that's got many offices in it."



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