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Obama’s budget does not address ‘huge military spending’
Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:16PM
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President Obama's federal budget cuts spending at a time when the United States “needs a stimulus” to stir growth and create jobs, but does not address the issue of itshuge military expenses,” says Mark Weisbrot co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR).


“The country needs a stimulus of some sort because we are still 10 million jobs short of what we need to be right now and this budget does not provide it,” Weisbrot said in a phone interview with Press TVs U.S. Desk.


The second problem with Obamas budget proposal is that it does not address the issue of “huge” U.S. military that “we dont need,” he said.


“We have hundreds of military bases around the world, and its just an enormous military budget that is completely outside of and unrelated to any actual security needs,” he noted.


Weisbrot noted that the enormity of U.S. military budget “gets us into wars” and inflects “huge expenses that are not necessary” on the American people.


President Obama unveiled a $3.8 trillion budget on Monday.



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