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Police attack Occupy Miami protesters, arrest three
Wed Feb 1, 2012 3:1PM
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Scores of police swept through the downtown location of Occupy Miami Tuesday night, ejecting several dozen demonstrators and arresting a few of them while shutting down the protest camp after three and a half months.


The police, wearing riot gear and banging batons on their plastic shields as they advanced, cleared demonstrators from within half a-dozen blocks of the camp site, on a lawn just west of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center. They also tore down tents and makeshift dwellings left on the site.




People taking part in the Occupy Miami protest on the west lawn of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center were given until sunset Tuesday to leave the area or face arrest.


A confirmed number of three arrests were made when authorities tried to clear out the Occupy Miami encampment outside of the Government Center.


Six Occupy Miami protesters refused to leave, staying inside a flimsy barricade of plywood and old mattresses. Police detained them briefly, but when they were offered a last chance to walk away without being arrested, they did.


Earlier in the day, some protesters indicated they may stay. One man said they had burned the eviction notice last night and stated they would not be going anywhere on their own. "We decided last night that we're going to stay, and we're going to hold the grounds," said Chris Mazorra.


“I think they're in violation of our rights as American citizens to protest. I think we have the right to do this,” protester Carol Patman told CBS4's Maggie Newland.


The Occupy movement has lasted nearly four months. Other Occupy demonstrations across the country have resulted in violence and arrests.



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