Tuesday Oct 18, 201105:18 PM GMT
[VIDEO] 40 Seattle cops arrest woman for sitting down, opening umbrella
Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:43PM
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About 40 police officers were needed to arrest a single woman who sat down and opened an umbrella in a Seattle park on Monday, according to local media. Raw Story


Authorities in Westlake Park - where Occupy Seattle has taken up residence - first restricted use of umbrellas about a week and a half ago. Protesters were told that they were not allowed to sit down with the rain gear, as it would then constitute a “structure” like a tent or tarp, which are proscribed under the park's anti-camping rule. Salon


That's when, according to Seattle blog The Slog, "40 police officers surrounded" the woman. With her hands bound, at least four officers then carried her out by her arms and legs, with protesters all the while chanting, "Show me what oppression looks like? This is what oppression looks like!". occupywallstreet.thoughts.com




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