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Protesters fed up US 'economic system & military industrial complex'
Tue Oct 4, 2011 7:0PM
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American blogger Charles M. Young says that the American power structure is terrified by the people and therefore is lying to them. He says Americans are living under a horrendous propaganda system.


Young says it's absolutely wonderful that the Occupy Wall Street protests are taking place in Lower Manhattan and the main stream media isn't really informing people about it.


According to Young the protesters are “normal people who are fed up with the workings of the American economic system and the American military industrial complex.”


He continued that that he didn't think that “anybody knows what's going to happen. I suppose it could have a terrible outcome. I mean Mayor Bloomberg may at some point give the order to the police to clear out this little park, Zuccotti Park, it’s called in Lower Manhattan that has been occupied by this demonstration. There are so many occupations around the United States that they can't stop it now.”




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