Wednesday Jul 06, 201105:13 PM GMT
'US fooling American people with Afghan withdrawal'
Wed Jul 6, 2011 1:38PM
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The Obama administration is deploying a "mini-surge" of more "efficient" special forces to Afghanistan in order to "sell the drawdown" of U.S. troops to the American public while at the same time "escalating the actual fighting on the ground."


"They are arguing if they replace the one with the other then that will amount to an increase in the amount of combat capabilities on the ground in Afghanistan," Jason Ditz, Managing News Editor at told Press TV's U.S. Desk on Tuesday.


There have been occasions in the past where the U.S. announced it was withdrawing a few thousand American troops from Afghanistan but in fact they would remove "a bunch of non-combat support forces" only to make up for it with sending more "combat forces" later on, he said.


"In doing so the administration seems to be hoping that they'll convince people that the war is winding down when in fact it is still being ratcheted up."



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