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US drone attacks in Pakistan 'a deliberate message'
Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:48PM
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The United States keeps targeting Pakistani tribal areas with its deadly drone strikes to "send a deliberate message" to Islamabad declaring its presence in the volatile region, says Liaquat Ali Khan, author and professor of Law in Washburn University in Kansas.


Thursday's U.S. drone attacks in North Waziristan which killed at least 41 people loyal to Islamabad "was not a mistake at all," Ali Khan said in an exclusive interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Friday.


"This happened right after Raymond Davis, who is a CIA contractor, was released," he said.


He further added, "This was very ironic but at the same time I think the U.S. wants to send a message that we are still going to use these drone attacks in the tribal areas."


"So this was a very, deliberate message to the Pakistani government that even though you have been able to obtain money for the killing that Davis did, we are not going to give up the drone attacks," Ali Khan concluded.


The U.S. drone attacks came to a halt after Davis was arrested in Lahore for gunning down two Pakistanis back in January, an occurrence that has drawn suspicion about his involvement in the operations. 



The United States has been identified as the world's No. 1 user of targeted killings -- largely as a result of its dependence on unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan. CNN


The United States does not confirm drone attacks in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but its military and the CIA operating in Afghanistan are the only forces that deploy the unmanned aircraft in the region. Daily Times


President Barack Obama ordered his first drone strike against Pakistan just 72 hours after being sworn in as president. CBS News


U.S. drone attacks recorded an overall 134 percent increase in 2010 compared with the 2009's figures, jumping from 53 strikes in 2009 to 124 attacks in 2010. Forgottendiaries


A report by the Brookings Institution also brought the issue of controversial drone attacks under harsher scrutiny, saying the illegal strikes have claimed the lives of 10 civilians for every militant killed in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.


According to Pakistani sources, the U.S. drone strikes kill some 50 civilians for every militant killed, a hit rate of 2 percent. NY Times


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