Sunday Jul 13, 201411:32 AM GMT
How many deaths in Gaza too many for world?
Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:10AM
The Debate
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As Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza continue, many are wondering how many deaths are too many for the international community to get involved and stop the Israeli violence.

Once again, the Israelis are carrying out a barrage of airstrikes on the densely populated Gaza Strip, and no one knows how many Palestinians will have to die before the West says enough is enough.

The Gaza Strip, which has been the most resistant to these brutal practices of the Tel Aviv regime, bears the brunt of the violence.

If we look at history, the Western community has a terrible record when it comes to standing up to Israeli terrorism. We are talking about 65 years of murder, land confiscation, terror campaigns and the overall oppression of the Palestinian people by the brutal and illegitimate Israeli regime.


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