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Planting trees for friendship in Tehran
Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:49PM
Pedram Khodadadi, Press TV, Tehran
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Friendlier ties with the world, that was the theme of a tree planting event held in Iran’s capital Tehran, dubbed Tehran the global city of friendship.

Ambbasadors from 70 countries have planted trees in Tehran in a move to symbolize friendship as Iran prepares for the upcoming New Year or Nourooz, and the country looks set on improving ties with the world in the upcoming year.

Organizers said the trees were planted to symbolize the strengthening of friendships between countries, and as the trees grow roots the same would happen towards stronger global relations and more cooperation in future.

“Friendship between nations will help everybody, all of us this is the idea, the idea is to develop strong relationships with all the nations,” Brazilian Ambassador in Iran, Santiago Irazabal Mourao said.

Jens-Petter Kjemprud, the Norwegian Ambassador in Iran said, “I think it’s extremely important event [planting for friendship], you should say that perceptions help create attitudes, and attitudes is the background for decision making.”

The mayor of Tehran said the presence of nearly a hundred foreign ambassadors shows their friendship towards Iran and their confidence in the Islamic Republic. Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said we hope with this event we can send the message of friendship to other nations.

Gary Lewis, The UN Resident Coordinator in Iran, congratulated Iranians for the upcoming New Year and said, “At this very important time, in the calendar of Iran that stretches back many thousands of years, the time of Nourooz, the United Nations and all the nations assembled here in this hall today would like to wish joy, peace, prosperity and friendship.”

Iranians will celebrate Nourooz on Thursday, March 20.
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