Saturday Oct 12, 201309:15 AM GMT
Tunisians stage protest to support Syrian government
Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:12AM
Adnen Chaouachi, Press TV, Tunis
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Tunisians have taken to the streets of the capital to express support for the Syrian people and army. They urged the Tunisian government to resume ties with the Syrian government. Adnen Chaouachi reports from Tunis:

Tunisians staged a protest to support the Syrian government. Students, Unionists and Politicians supported the victories of the Syrian Army in the towns held by the foreign-backed militants. Protesters also denounced the interference of Tunisian authorities in the internal affairs of Damascus and called for the return of the Syrian Ambassador.

Protesters burned the Israeli flag and denounced the normalization of ties between some Arab countries and Tel Aviv.

Tunisians also accused foreign powers of financing and arming the armed insurgents

Since the beginning of the war on Syria, Tunisian people have sided with the Syrian army and people. Observers say the support is growing more than ever as the army has made considerable headway in the battle against the foreign-backed armed militants across the country.
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