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‘UK Labour betrayed supporters’
Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:59AM
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Britain’s opposition Labour party has betrayed those who trusted it, says John McAllion, the former Labour MP for Dundee East and an ex-Scottish Parliament member.

McAllion, who was at the center of Labour politics until 2006, said the Scottish Socialist Party, which lost all its Scottish parliamentary seats to the ruling Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) in 2011, should focus its policy on fighting London’s spending cuts and push for an independent republic free from British monarchy.

“Labour has now joined forces with the Tories and LibDems (Liberal Democrats) in defence of the Westminster set-up which is slashing jobs and services in the teeth of Scotland’s wishes,” McAllion said.

“They have betrayed those who put their trust in them and would, if returned to Westminster, carry on the same cuts agenda.”

McAllion’s comments came ahead of the autumn campaign of the Scottish Socialist Party for independence.

The campaign will be chaired by former Socialist MSP Colin Fox whose party supports the SNP-led Yes Scotland independence movement.

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