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Taliban threaten to kill Prince Harry
Afghan militants have declared that Prince Harry is "a high value target" for arrest or killing.
Afghan militants have declared that Prince Harry is "a high value target" for arrest or killing.
Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:18PM
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The Taliban have declared Prince Harry as a high value target after reports of his second deployment to Afghanistan’s southern province of Helmand.

Harry, the second grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and an Army captain in the British armed forces, arrived in Afghanistan on Friday 7 September after being deployed to the ongoing invasion once again.

Earlier this month, Prince Harry was caught cavorting naked with nude girls in a hotel in Las Vegas, the U.S.

The Taliban said that Harry’s deployment to Afghanistan is nothing but a propaganda stunt that could allow him to atone for the shame of appearing naked in pictures.

A Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that the Prince`s arrival was purely symbolic and predicted that he would never leave his base in Camp Bastion.

"Whoever is fighting in our country alongside the US is our enemy and we will attack him. Prince Harry came to Afghanistan and he is a high value target for us. We will try to arrest him. Because he is an Apache helicopter pilot, he will target us more. If we are not able to arrest him we will target him,” said the spokesman.

Harry had been pulled out of his first operation in Afghanistan in 2008 after a media leak revealed him, which led to threats from the Taliban.

The Taliban described the Prince as "a high value target", saying that they will "make their best efforts to arrest or kill him” during his resumed operations in the Helmand province.

After Harry’s retreat from his first involvement in the Afghanistan invasion, top insurgents vowed to kill or capture him if he ever returned.

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