Friday Aug 03, 201209:35 PM GMT
Eighteen-year-old girl earns livelihood as Gaza’s sole fisherwoman
Fri Aug 3, 2012 9:34PM
Halla Alsafadi, Press TV, Gaza
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Madeline Kullab is the first Gazan fisherwoman who has been in charge of feeding her family since the day her father was injured. Press TV's correspondent from Gaza has the story of this eighteen-year-old girl and the challenges she's facing to earn a livelihood.

Breaking the norms in Gaza, Madeline Kullab, an eighteen-year-old girl takes over a physically demanding job typically reserved for males in her society. Madeline is the one and only girl in Gaza who has taken on fishing as a profession.

Madeline was only twelve when her father was injured in his legs and was no longer able to maintain his job as a fisherman. Thus, Madeline has been in charge of her father's fishing boat and her family's livelihood.

Once she is on the shore, Madeline faces the problem of society viewing her as an outcast, and once she is three nautical miles far away from the shore, the risks of the Israeli ships appear as well.

According to AlMezan center for Human Rights, Poverty among fishermen has been the highest of all the population groups in Gaza. It is estimated at %90. Civil Society Organizations blame the international community for not standing in the face of the Israeli aggression that has enforced child labor in Gaza

The rising rate of poverty in Gaza has forced Madeline and many other Gazan children to turn to labor to secure their livelihoods.

"Taking the responsibility of feeding a family suffering from the Israeli blockade, Madeline Kullab has learned her way through the dangerous waters"
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