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Iran holds Qur’anic art exhibition in Erzurum
Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:55PM
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Iran has mounted an exhibition of Qur’anic arts in the Turkish eastern city of Erzurum, featuring a collection of artworks created by several Iranian artists.

Iran’s cultural center in Erzurum has organized the Qur’anic exhibition to commemorate the coming of Muslim’s holy month of Ramadan.

About 100 Qur’anic artworks in forms of illumination, calligraphy, miniature, etching and mosaic were presented at the event.

The works were mainly created by four Iranian artists, including Maryam Masoudi-Parsa, Mohammad-Sadeq Ahadpour, Mohsen Aqamiri and Masoud Rahmati.

Two of Iran’s international Qur’an reciters have also been scheduled to recite in several mosques in Erzurum on the occasion of Ramadan month, said Head of Iran cultural center in Erzurum Mohammad Kheiri

A number of Iranian and Turkish Qur’an reciters are to vie during a Qur’an competition that will be held in the cultural center of Erzurum city hall on August 2, 2012, Kheiri noted.

Erzurum residents had earlier been acquainted with Persian cinema and culture during Iran cultural week held in May, 2012.

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