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UK to ban execution drug export to US
Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:23AM
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The British government is to ban exports to the US of a drug used in executions under pressure from campaigners against supplying the US with lethal injections ingredients.

British Business Secretary Vince Cable said an export control ban on propofol for the US will be introduced on Wednesday after the US state of Missouri officially approved the drug to be used in execution of prisoners.

"This country opposes the death penalty. We are clear that the state should never be complicit in judiciary executions through the use of British drugs in lethal injections,” Cable said in a statement.

Cable’s talk of London refusing to be complicit in US drug killings comes as Britain has been a major supplier of the ingredients of the chemical mixture used for capital punishment in certain US states.

Britain only stopped selling the US another killer chemical named sodium thiopental in November 2010 and imposed further controls last year after long campaigning by current deputy commons chief whip and Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael.

Sodium thiopental or the “truth drug” is also used to obtain forced confessions from prisoners.

British companies started to supply propofol to the US after Sodium an EU-wide ban on the exports of “truth drug” to the country.

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