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Majority of Britons want elected House of Lords
Wed Jul 4, 2012 8:0AM
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Poll results have seriously undermined British Conservative party’s excuse for opposing Liberal Democrats’ plans for an elected House of Lords after findings showed 67 percent of the public are in favor.

British Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been leading a campaign to change the current structure of the parliament’s second chamber, where membership is hereditary or based on appointment, so that 80 percent of the Lords are elected by the public.

Lib Dems coalition government partners in the Conservative party constitute the main obstacle to the plans and justify their opposition saying people want the MPs to focus on the economy and do not want another rank of elected politicians.

However, the findings of the ComRes poll for The Independent counter Conservatives’ claims.

According to the study, along with 67 percent who voted in favor of an elected House of Lords, only 24 percent opposed the plans and a tiny nine percent said they “don’t know” which one they prefer.

The research also found that the support for the 80-percent elected second chamber is there among all three major parties with 76 percent of Lib Dem voters, 64 percent of Labour adherents and 57 percent of the Conservative supporters giving the thumbs up to the plans.

After the publication of poll results Clegg said they show an “overwhelming majority of the British public want to see a mostly elected House of Lords.”

“People like democracy. It gives them the chance to have a say in who runs their country. The people who live by the laws want to elect those who make them. In 21st-century Britain, that doesn't seem an unreasonable thing to ask,” he added.

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