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Pakistani Girl Fatima Namdar‏ ‏named Youngest M.Ed
Thu May 24, 2012 1:14AM
Hamza Ameer, Press TV, Lahore
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Fatima Namdar, a 19 year old girl from Lahore, has made it to the guiness records by becoming the youngest Masters in Education.

Female education has always been one of the least priority considerations for Pakistan as percentage of non-educated females has always been on a consistent rise.

In such difficult conditions, Fatima Namdar, a 19 year old Lahore based girl has come as a ray of hope and courage for all as she has gotten her name embossed in the Guinness records by becoming the youngest female to earn Masters in Education (M.Ed).

Fatima was 19 years and 8 days old when she completed her Master in Education.

Fatima says her achievements are only because of the support of her family.

Fatima's family said she has maintained to be a first grade student throughout her studies. The family expressed their disappointment on the Pakistan Government for not appreciating Fatima's efforts as a pride for the whole nation.

Though Fatima's family has been neglected by government's appreciation, the family vows to support Fatima in pursuing her education to the highest possible level.

Fatima said that in today's time of modernization, every girl should be confident and should look toward competing with the world.

Fatima's high energy and will to keep going has come as a ray of light and hope for other girls, whose education can bring progressive changes to the country.

Belonging to a country in which school drop-out ratio of females is above 50%, Fatima Namdar has come out in shining colors with hopes that her achievement will make way for many other who will promote positive image of Pakistan in front of the world.
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