Sunday May 13, 201207:37 AM GMT
Obama remains silent over hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners
Sun May 13, 2012 7:32AM
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US President Barack Obama has remained silent over a hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in order to get pro-Israeli votes in the November election, a journalist tells Press TV.

“Obama has been completely silent about this issue,” journalist Carol Gould told Press TV.

“There is a presidential campaign going on and what both candidates [Mitt] Romney and Obama are depending on are 70 million Evangelical Christians who support Israel,” she added.

Gould also criticized the Obama administration for breaking its promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison.

“Also if any country were to say to Obama why aren’t you doing anything about the Palestinians, what can he say? The United States still has a large group of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who have been there from between eight to 11 years and some of them have yet to be tried so he hasn’t got much to answer for,” she said.

Last month, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners began the hunger strike to protest against imprisonment without charge and solitary confinement exercised by Tel Aviv.

There have been several demonstrations across the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip to express solidarity with the prisoners.

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