Wednesday Apr 25, 201204:55 PM GMT
Canadian-Syrians: Canadian government supports terrorist groups in Syria
Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:54PM
Joshua Blakeney, Press TV, Calgary
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Syrian-Canadians are expressing concern with their government’s support for extremist groups in Syria. This comes after the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird recently pledged several million dollars of aide for groups that are seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

“We’ve been working with the Friends of the Syrian People to urge for Assad to go”.

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, appears on the Qatari state media and affirms Canada’s partisan support for the Syria rebels. Baird asserts that Canada’s Middle East policy is motivated by Human Rights concerns yet he appears scared to criticize the human rights abuses of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. He remains noticeably silent on the lack of democracy in Saudi Arabia and Qatar which perhaps stems from the fact that his own conservative party are currently under fire with accusations that they rigged the 2011 Canadian elections in which they attained a majority in the Canadian parliament.

Many Canadian-Syrians are ill at ease with their government’s financial and political support for groups that they are allegedly committing acts of terrorism in Syria at the behest of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
This testimony brings into question the claim by the Canadian government that it is engaged in a so-called war on terror. If the Canadian government is indeed aiding and abetting terror groups, as alleged by these Syrian patriots, then it would vindicate the claim by many that terrorism is but a tool of Western governments that are in fact engaged in a war of terror against the inhabitants of the Middle East.
While it is clear that the Zionist regime has a vested interest in destabilizing Syria it is unclear how sending Canadian tax dollars to help sectarian groups in the Middle East serves Canadian national interests, especially at a time when the Canadian government is imposing harsh austerity measures on the people of Canada.
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