Friday Apr 20, 201212:45 PM GMT
Galloway calls for closure of UK Parliament bars
Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:44PM
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George Galloway, the newly-elected Respect MP for Bradford West in Britain has called for an end to Parliament’s taxpayer-subsidised bars.

In an exclusive interview with The House Magazine the former Glasgow MP demanded that the bars in Westminster to be shut.

“No-one else can drink at their work. No-one else is allowed to drink alcohol while they’re working. Why are we? Moreover, at subsidized prices - as was. I don’t know what they are now, but when I was in here before they were ‘Life on Mars’ prices - 1970s prices.

Galloway described the subsidies on drinks in Westminster as being akin to “life on Mars”.

He said that he had no sympathy for his fellow Scot, Falkirk MP Eric Joyce, who was recently fined and banned from bars after attacking fellow MPs in the Strangers Bar.

Pressure is growing for the bars to close after Joyce pleaded guilty to charges of assault following an altercation in Parliament’s Stranger’s Bar.

George Galloway who was born 16 August 1954, is a British politician, author, journalist, and broadcaster.

He was previously an MP for the Labour Party, for Glasgow Hillhead and then its successor constituency Glasgow Kelvin from 1987 until 2005. He was expelled from the Labour Party in October 2003 because of his strident public opposition to the Iraq War.

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