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Egypt’s military rulers have no intention of ceding power: Shater
Khairat al-Shater (L), the Muslim Brotherhood’s disqualified presidential candidate, speaks during a press conference in Cairo on April 9, 2012.
Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:16AM
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Muslim Brotherhood's disqualified presidential candidate says Egypt's ruling military council has no intention to transfer real power to a civilian government, Press TV reports.

"The military council, in my opinion, is not serious about the handover of power," Khairat al-Shater said during a press conference in the capital Cairo on Wednesday.

He also accused the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of "looking for a figure that it can control from behind the curtains."

The remarks came after Egypt's electoral commission -- which is made up of Mubarak-era judges -- turned down appeals filed by Shater and nine other candidates disqualified from running in the May presidential election.

Shater described the electoral commission's decision to ban him from upcoming election as a "crime against the Egyptian people."

He warned that his disqualification was a sign of fraud in Egypt’s first presidential election since the February 2011 ouster of US-backed dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Shater also accused the ruling junta of making efforts to fix the poll by eliminating the candidates from Islamic parities.

He said the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood would come together in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday to defend the goals of their revolution. "This Friday is the real handover of power."

On Saturday, 10 of the 23 registered candidates for the upcoming presidential election were barred from running.

Salafist Hazem Abu Ismail, Khairat al-Shater and former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman were among those disqualified.

The electoral commission says its decision to disqualify these candidates was based on legal grounds.

Egypt's presidential election is scheduled to be held over two days on May 23 and 24, while a run-off has been planned for June 16 -17, if necessary.

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