Monday Jun 03, 201302:22 PM GMT
West adopts dirty trick to defeat Syria
Western diplomats including Britain's UN Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant have launched a dirty trick to influence the world’s public opinion as far as the Syrian conflict is concerned.

Sheila Lyall Grant, wife of Britain's UN Ambassador and Huberta von Voss-Wittig, wife of Germany's UN Ambassador Peter Wittig, on Tuesday created a video clip and posted it on the Youtube, targeting Syria's first lady with the online appeal to "stop your husband" in what they called the “yearlong bid to quash a popular uprising that has left thousands dead”, British media reported.

Analysts believed that the western diplomats have resorted to this dirty tricky game out of despair after they failed to defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The trick also comes after western nations failed to influence the Syrian popular government through anti-Assad political, military and security scenarios and now they want to mobilize the world’s public opinion against President Assad and his government.

They said in a letter accompanying the clip that “as a woman, wife, mother, champion of women's equality, and formerly vocal female Arab leader, she cannot hide behind her husband”.

The wives of the diplomats tried to introduce the measure as an individual act.

From what’s shown in the video it’s clear that the creators want to psychologically influence the Syrian first lady and her relatives. It contains explicit footage of injured and dying children, and tells her "these children could all be your children". It urges Mrs Assad to "stand up for peace", and asks "what happened to you, Asma?"

The creators of the clip and their backers failed to refer to armed terror gangs that have killed or injured thousands of Syrian armed forces as well as hundreds of civilians in the more than one year old crisis the same western countries have helped to inflict damages on the Arab country.

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