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Ukrainian Tatar selling one of the worlds tiniest Qur'ans
Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:3PM
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A Ukrainian Tatar collector is selling an antique tiny version of the Holy Qur’an, Press TV reports.

The tiny 2x3 holy book is 200 years old and, according to its owner, “is of great art value.”

“I have checked and now say that it is really a unique piece. One of the world’s famous auction [houses] is selling a small, 10x10 Qur’an, which is bigger than this one,” said Ivan Klymenko, who owns the tiny holy book.

Klymenko has been forced to sell the tiny treasure due to his difficult economic situation.

However, the Ukrainian Tatar has one single condition, which is that its future owner must be a “true Muslim.”

Mini Qur’ans are very rare and there are only three in the world.

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