Tuesday Apr 10, 201206:26 PM GMT
NI police make six arrests at 1916 event
Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:25PM
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Northern Ireland police have arrested six men during a republican commemoration event, after a man threatened further attacks against police and soldiers.

The arrest came after a masked man read a statement from the Real IRA (Irish Republican Army) during a dissident republican rally in Londonderry to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland. The statement promised that attacks on the security forces would continue, including targeting police officers and soldiers.

"The IRA will continue to attack Crown Force personnel, their installations, as well as British interests and infrastructure," the masked-man told about 200 supporters.

The arrest happened after a Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) helicopter monitored the rally, with PSNI spokesman saying that senior officers decided to run "a low-key operational response to the event.” Adding, "Any alleged breaches of criminal law reported to police or coming to our attention will be rigorously and thoroughly investigated.”

The event came a day after Sinn Fein party chairman Declan Kearney told at the rally in west Belfast that violence was over, and that the IRA had left the stage.

"Make no mistake, there is no other IRA, here in Belfast, or anywhere else," Kearney said in a message to the republican dissidents.

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