Wednesday Mar 21, 201204:53 PM GMT
Kenya’s jets kill 37 al-Shabab fighters in southern Somalia
A Kenyan Air Force F-5 fighter jet (file photo)
Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:35PM
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Kenyan fighter jets have killed at least 37 al-Shabab fighters in the southern Somali town of Diff along the Somalia-Kenya border, Press TV reports.

According to local residents, four fighter jets began hitting several of the group's military compounds in Diff from late Tuesday until early Wednesday.

“The aircraft destroyed military capabilities of al-Shabab, including armored vehicles and weapons,” a local resident told a Press TV reporter.

Meanwhile, al-Shabab sources confirmed that over 37 of its members were killed in Kenyan jets’ bombardments in the outskirts of Diff.

This comes just one day after the fighters captured the town from the government-allied forces.

The aerial bombardments are helping the Kenyan forces who have made significant gains on the ground to make further advances.

Kenya has beefed up security along its border with Somalia since it dispatched soldiers over its border into the conflict-plagued country last October to chase al-Shabab militants, which it accuses of being behind the kidnapping of several foreigners on its territory.

However, al-Shabab has denied involvement in the kidnappings.

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