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‘England could bomb Scottish airports’
Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:15PM
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English government could bomb Glasgow and Edinburgh airports to defend itself from possible attacks if Scotland became an independent nation, a Tory peer has claimed.

Lord Fraser, a former minister in John Major's government, insisted that if the Scottish people voted yes to the independence of Scotland, it would be left undefended, and therefore England’s enemies would use Scotland as a base for launching air strikes over the border.

"If that were to happen what alternative would England have but to come and bomb the hell out of Glasgow airport and Edinburgh airport," Fraser said.

Former Solicitor General for Scotland, who has apparently put the UK government’s anti-independence campaign in practice, also claimed that the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) plan to remove UK nuclear forces from Scotland and reducing the country’s navy to “fishery protection vessels” would turn Scotland into a warzone.

A country with a few vessels for fishery guard was “asking to be invaded,” he said.

"I would not wish my beloved Scotland to be a war zone for those with evil intent on the sovereignty of England. That was, however, the risk. If we totally failed to defend ourselves alone or in conjunction with England, we offered up ourselves as the battleground," he said.

The former Lord Advocate said he did not know who could have “evil intentions” against England but claimed that the twentieth century taught the world that never “let your guard down."

This is while that SNP leader Alex Salmond formerly declared that an independent Scotland would have a close degree of military cooperation with the United Kingdom.

Asked whether Scotland’s soldiers who are serving on the British military should leave to join Scottish military, Salmond said, "People would have a choice, we've undertaken that well inherit the military capability in Scotland and we would sustain that.

"You don't have to say to somebody 'you must leave the British Army', the British Army currently has people from 23 countries serving in it. You’d a have choice, a choice of whether to join the Scottish armed forces or to stay serving in the British armed services."

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