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‘Feasibility of Nabucco pipeline dependent on Iran’s input’
Sun Mar 4, 2012 5:3AM
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Without Iran, other suppliers in the region will not be able to provide enough natural gas to the [Nabucco] pipeline.”

Turkish energy analyst Serdar Iskender

A Turkish energy analyst says the Nabucco pipeline, a major natural gas pipeline which is planned to run from Asia to Europe, needs to be supplemented with Iran's natural gas in order to become viable, Press TV reports.

Serdar Iskender emphasized in a Press TV interview on Saturday that the Nabucco pipeline, planned to carry 31 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from the Caspian Sea and the Middle East, will only be feasible if it is also linked to Iran, along with other potential suppliers.

“Without Iran, other suppliers in the region will not be able to provide enough natural gas to the pipeline,” Iskender stated.

He noted as well that the Islamic Republic has deliberately been kept out of the project mainly due to US-led pressures and sanctions.

Iskender also mentioned that Russia opposes the participation of Iran in the project as well since the key objective of Nabucco is to avert major dependence of European countries on Russian natural gas.

The remarks by the Turkish analyst come as the Nabucco pipeline company has declared its intention to begin land acquisition studies in more than 20 provinces in Turkey.

Nabucco Gas Pipeline International has described the move as a very important step in realizing the project.

The construction of the pipeline is scheduled to start by the end of next year and it is due to become operational at the end of 2017. Observers, however, are not optimistic about the given timeline.

The pipeline stretches 4,000 kilometers from Turkey, crossing through Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary to Austria.

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