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Majlis voting time extended by 5 hours
Fri Mar 2, 2012 6:27PM
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Iran's election officials have extended voting time for the ninth parliamentary election, which was originally set for 18:00 local time, by five hours to 23:00, Press TV reports.

The 9th Majlis (parliamentary) election since the 1979 Islamic Revolution officially started across the country at 08:00 local time on Friday, and was initially scheduled to continue until 18:00.

The overwhelming popular turnout, however, prompted officials to extend the original voting time by five hours in three stages: first to 21:00 local time, then to 22:00, and finally to 23:00.

Most provinces requested a voting time extension and more ballot paper with Kordestan province in west Iran among the provinces that requested more ballot paper.

Over 48 million Iranian voters are eligible to cast their ballots with 3.9 million people casting their votes for the first time.

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