Tuesday Feb 28, 201202:53 AM GMT
Police evicting Occupy LSX at St Paul’s
Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:52AM
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Bailiffs and police in London are forcefully dismantling the anti-capitalist camps outside the St Paul’s Cathedral, arresting the Occupy London Stock Exchange activists who resist to leave the area.

The riot police are reportedly blocking hundreds of protestors who are trying to get to the cathedral in support of the movement amid reports that scuffles have broken out between demonstrators and the police.

This comes as the Occupy LSX is calling on its “SOS” website for legal observers at St Paul’s and School of Ideas to “come down as soon as possible” to help record the potentially illegal activities of the police in dealing with the situation.

The movement has already announced they will gather at Finsbury, the site of their other occupation in London, at 1 PM on Tuesday.

The eviction comes days after a British court rejected a bid by Occupy London protesters to challenge an expulsion order.

The protesters who started their protest action in October argue that they are exercising freedom of speech and drawing attention to a distorted capitalist system.

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