Friday Feb 17, 201210:19 PM GMT
Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan trilateral summit agree on socio-economic cooperation
Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:18PM
Javed Rana, Press TV, Islamabad
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Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have agreed to expand socio-economic cooperation and more particularly neutralize foreign interference in this part of the world.

At the conclusion of a tripartite summit in Islamabad, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the regional cooperation will lead to an end to foreign interference, a reference to the US-led NATO military presence in Afghanistan.

The Iranian President said that the nuclear weapon do not empower any state and must be eliminated from political relations.

Howerver, Afghan President Hamid Karazi’s focus was to gain regional support for the Taliban talks, a reference to his demand to include Kabul in the talks between the US and Taliban.

Islamabad asserted that it would lend its support to President Karazi in any future Taliban talks. The Taliban have so far refused to negotiate with Kabul describing Karzai administration as the puppet.

The three neighboring countries also decided to step up their efforts to combat drug production and trafficking in Afghanistan, a particular source of concern for Pakistan.

The summit also decided to enhance trilateral trade through facilitative measures like preferential tariff and free trade arrangements and barter trade.

The three countries in their summit declaration sounded determined to ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of regional states.

This is a clear reference to the frequent US drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal region that have killed large number of civilians since 2004.

However, analysts believe more than any thing else, it depends on Islamabad if it is willing to scrap secret deals with Americans that allows them to carry out drone attacks in the tribal areas.
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